Do you need dog training for your puppy or dog?

Do you have a fearful or out of control puppy or dog?

What is different about FurEver Home Dog Training?

   At FurEver Home Dog Training we resolve all behavioral issues by teaching you how to be a calm,

confident pack leader.  You will see your dog calm down and learn quickly with very simple techniques.

We begin by calming your dog and then the training becomes easy and incredibly effective.  

You will form an incredible bond with your dog using only eye contact, calm energy, subtle words,

body language and positive rewards.  Your dog will learn to be peaceful, well behaved

and your loyal companion for the rest of their life.


Training 8 dogs not to door dash: All 8 are calm waiting peacefully with the door wide open NOTICE HOW THEIR FOCUS IS ON ME

Training a dog to leave it, whether it is a bird, a bunny or your house slippers. NOTICE HOW HER FOCUS IS ON ME.

These two were very aggressive toward each other when we brought the rescue on the left home only 3 weeks before this picture was taken. We worked on calming them both down and helping them to understand we are the pack leaders and they are both equal members of the pack. Now they are best buddies.

9 CALM Puppies that LOVE their kennels

One of those 9 puppies still loving their kennel with her new adoptive family

My 87 year old Rock Star mom has all 8 dogs CALM and sitting.

How much training do I need? 

All dogs and owners are unique so we made it easy for you.  Some owners are confident after just watching the videos and others require several one-on-one sessions with FurEver Home.  You can decide how much training you want and stop at any time


You can receive free practice and training by helping rescue dogs.   Did you know that 96% of all dogs in rescues are there because no one took the time to train them?  96%!! They were abandoned due to behavioral issues and no one helped them.   Now you can help!! 

We need volunteers at Big Bones Canine Rescue and FurEver Home ranch to work with beautiful dogs who are having trouble getting adopted.  We need everything from pooper scoopers to trainers.  As a volunteer trainer you can learn to train the rescue dogs and be able to apply the same principles with your dogs at home.  ($99 Doggy Dan Video series purchase is required)

For more information click on the Volunteers Needed Tab and fill out the contact us form.   If you are not interested in training there are several other things we need help with and many you can do from your home. 

Feel free to forward this website to anyone who wants help with their dog or to help our beautiful rescue dogs